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BYU purchased 40k users to allow all active students, faculty and staff to use any app created at BYU in Mendix.

  • The Office of IT will port various production applications to Mendix and deploy them to the Mendix Cloud.
  • Mendix is available for anyone to learn and use for free.
  • Get access by clicking the Start for free button at
  • The free environment is suitable for learning, teaching, experimenting and personal apps.
    • It doesn't have the BYU look and feel, CAS integration, production-sized AWS resources or other needed attributes to support production apps.
    • Here are platform limitations of the free version.
    • It is possible to move an app created in the free version to the paid version when that is available in 2020. There are BYU-specific features that will not be available until 2020.
  • One professor will teach Mendix in the classroom in Fall 2019. We anticipate more classes teaching Mendix to follow.
  • The Office of IT is creating a monthly Mendix users group which will begin meeting in Nov 2019. Contact Sherwin Harris (see below for contact information) to get more information.


  • Since Mendix was successful in 2019 with apps developed by the Office of IT, the Office of IT will productize Mendix and make it available for all BYU employees to use to create production BYU applications on Jan 1, 2020.
  • All costs for using Mendix, including licenses and AWS resources, will be paid for at the BYU level so individual departments will not need to budget for this. There will be a form created to handle requests for paid resources.
  • In addition to what Mendix provides in their free version, this version will likely include the referenced features supported by the Office of IT.


  • If successful in 2020, BYU will expand the use of the Mendix platform to other CES schools.